In enterprise sales, your startup is a small boat in a large and dangerous river.

It’s easier to flow with the water than it is to move rocks or row against the current.

This is the single most important lesson I’ve learned in my 15+ years of selling to businesses, especially large ones.

One of my prospects wanted to stop customer churn. To do it, they needed to improve customer service. And to do that, they needed to improve First Contact Resolution (FCR). They dedicated millions of dollars to this initiative.

I’m oversimplifying, but we won a $10M deal and millions of dollars in follow-on business because we listened and we showed them how they could improve FCR with our company.

And then we delivered, made them successful and helped them achieve payback many times over.

The key was to align with THEM and THEIR initiatives and what THEY care about


US and OUR solutions

If I tried to sell them on boosting employee productivity, I would be moving rocks.

If I tried to convince them that paying accurate sales commissions (another problem we solved) was more important than FCR, I would be rowing against the current.

So next time, just ask:

  • What are the top 3 problems you/your department/your company wants to solve?
  • Which initiatives that are getting funded?

If you can align with those, you have a better chance.

Help them to do what they are already trying to do.

It is possible to push rocks and row against the current, but it is riskier, more time consuming and more expensive.

You’re better off finding an easier river to navigate.

Happy Selling!


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