• You are a visionary tech founder

  • You have little-to-no sales experience

  • You sell SaaS or tech-enabled services to businesses

  • You have less than $5M in annual sales


You need experienced sales help because your startup is in one of these three stages.

Product / Solution Fit

$0 – $100K
in sales

  • Find & close your first paying customers

Product / Market Fit

$100K – $1M
in sales

  • Close more deals

  • Recruit & develop your first sales reps

  • Develop your sales playbook

  • Design and implement your sales processes & technology


$1M – $5M
in sales

  • Close more deals

  • Recruit & develop your sales team

  • Recruit & develop your partners

  • Optimize your playbook, processes & technology



David Morse
(617) 800 – 9249

I’m a business executive with 15-year track record of success in enterprise software and SaaS

  • Whose companies have sold hundreds of millions of dollars of software and SaaS to businesses

  • Who’s achieved the most President’s Clubs and net new customers as a sales rep and VP of Sales

  • Who’s been a key leader in 3 startups that resulted in 1 IPO and 2 successful acquisitions

  • Who’s acquired the first customers and revenue as a bootstrap founder of 3 B2B SaaS/service businesses

  • Who’s also been a successful software product management, marketing and business development executive

Think of me as your part-time Sales VP plus a whole lot more.

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